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This product is 100% organic eco-friendly that used as a growing medium, soil conditioner or soil mix for pots. This is usually used in potting mixes, seed generations, landscaping, home gardening and mostly in mushroom and rose cultivations are popular than other growing mediums. They provide better development in roots to quicker seed- germination and well-maintained air and water balance throughout the period. We used 100% natural organic coco peat and coco chips in different proportions based on various customer requirements

We handle and are packed with certified standards with experience management and working staff. Our products are packed and assembled in standardized pallets with white polythene bags which makes it easy in handling and transportation.


32 x 44 x 80cm




190-200 L

Compression ratio



Below 40%


<1000ms(1:5 water) request


5.5 - 6.5

Number of blocks in 1 pallet 40ft Hc

28 bags/pallet = 560 bags

Bulk loading

630 bags