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Dew cocos grow bag series are designed in 6 different types based on the crop type and method of the production cycle of hydroponic crops which is to be used as a premium growing and rooting mediums for them. This is a cost-effective and 100% natural eco-friendly growing medium that gives better harvests to the growers. It is also a perfect growing medium for roses, gerbera, lilies, carnations, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, zucchini, capsicum, strawberry, melons and many other hydroponic cultivations, as its increase their harvests. It also helps to distribute the roots to grow faster with healthy stems and quicker the seed germination. Our grow bags contain very high-water retention and porosity and are also the best growing medium that supplies high air capacity.

Dew cocos grow bags are produced in our own production unit situated in Sri Lanka with 100% organic natural coir raw materials. we handle and packed with certified standards with experienced management and working staff. Although We mix the coir pith and coir chips as per the request of the customer, we also have grow bags with different sizes with different combinations of materials.

We provide pre-cut drain holes, planting holes and dipper holes based on customer requirements. all our grow-bag slabs are packed and assembled in standardized pallets with UV -protected and sleeved with co-extruded polythene bags.


100% natural coco peat


70% natural coco peat
30% natural coco chips


50% natural coco-peat
50% natural coco-chip


30% natural coco-peat
70% natural coco chips


100% natural coco chips


100 x 18 x 16


Materials 100% natural coco peat and natural husk chips


Washed / Unwashed

Water retention capacity

31 L /kg based on request

Moisture content

Below 20%

Electrical conductivity

As per customer request

Number of slabs per pallet





Below 1%

Plant and Drainage holes

As per customer request

PH value

5.5 - 6.5

Compression ratio


* Printing your brand names and all other specifications can be customized based on customer needs



We used 100% dew cocos premium coco peat. This ensures ensure fast development of the crop which bears the Fruits earlier, Ensures a rapid horizontal rooting system and Contains high water retention capacity to provide better and healthy plant growth. The bottom layer consists of coco chips. This ensures good and Easy drainage and a sufficient amount of water distributed.

This is the newest member in Dew Cocos Lanka grow bags series and this innovative substrate technology is the most economical product compared to other growing media because it makes hydroponics growers produce more by using less water, space and nutrients. We provide a double layer with natural coco peat and natural coco chips which is 100%  natural and renewable resource. And this is available in different sizes and proportions of mixtures. Dew cocos ultra-root double provide fast development in rooting systems and easy drainage within the grow bag. This ensures more air at the bottom than at the top. And also roots consists of less heat which makes excessive water flow through. Ultra-root double provides the best combination between water and air, and contains an optimal percentage of air and also distributed a sufficient amount of water. Our product can be used in various crops of vegetables, soft fruits and flower cultivation.


  • 100% natural and ecofriendly
  • High water holding capacity
  • High air-filled porosity
  • Ensure optimal growing conditions
  • Very economical than other medias
  • Better control over air and water balances
  • Fast and healthy development in rooting systems
  • Provides both financial and economical benefits